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Originally Posted by ShaolinDarts View Post
The firm has to be the biggest and the corniest. Then there was the whole 2pac thing and the constant references plus jump on Pac songs after he died. I would expect a newbie to do that but not someone like Nas.

Untitled was quite corny too though. Did he even follow the election? Because he made a bad album even worse by putting the 2pac chorus 'we ain't ready to see a black president' because Obama did win.

He almost sounds white sometimes when he keeps on going on about 'ghetto this' and 'streets that'.

People talking about the demise of hip hop and he has HHID. Then a black man runs for president he tries to name his album NIGGER. His attempts to be relevant make him look like a groupie.
1st That album dropped before the primaries in this country not to mention the general elections. so I don't understand what you are saying

2nd black rappers have always rapped about the ghetto this and streets that so I guess all of them sounds white too. So i don't understand what you are saying

3rd the people that were talking about the demise of hip hop was fans on websites because their favorite rappers weren't sellig From fans it went to broke ass none selling rappers, but the mainstream kept the hip hop is still kicking attitude. I don't understand what you are saying

4th actually hhid was when nas first talking about making an album called nigger. "The N" That was before anyone have heard of an obama or even an election in this country.

5th) I think the hhid concept was comical more so than actual. Besides you seems to know a lot about a guy's career you don't like.
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