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Originally Posted by staycreepin_n_silence View Post
1st that album dropped before the primaries in this country not to mention the general elections. So i don't understand what you are saying

I never said he dropped after the election

2nd black rappers have always rapped about the ghetto this and streets that so i guess all of them sounds white too. So i don't understand what you are saying

I never said he sounded white

3rd the people that were talking about the demise of hip hop was fans on websites because their favorite rappers weren't sellig from fans it went to broke ass none selling rappers, but the mainstream kept the hip hop is still kicking attitude. I don't understand what you are saying

I never said anything about internet people or broke rappers either

4th actually hhid was when nas first talking about making an album called nigger. "the n" that was before anyone have heard of an obama or even an election in this country.

Again no idea which part of my post you are talking about but I made no reference to The N or whatever being a new or old idea or concept

5th) i think the hhid concept was comical more so than actual. Besides you seems to know a lot about a guy's career you don't like.

And yet again I never said I didn't like Nas
In conclusion, I have no idea what you are talking about or how you manage to interpret my posts in your own unique way so please don't reply to my posts in future as I can't be bothered beginning every sentence I type with the words 'I never said.......'.

Thanks for reading my post though.
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