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Default channel 48

I heard killa priest [I.C. clearly], and I shook the brother’s hand
and if you heard it from me, I shook up the motherland
channel 48, lost tribe of babylon
seen they was put on, copesetic, I carried on
how is it heel heal me, it’s intricate
he’ll hell, heel heal, shit’s indefinite
only the Sun/Son can distinguish and extinguish
I got kis to an sl 460 ignition
I am the time like a group out of minnesota
I seen the sign saying “slow down” like “nigga, hold up”
my dick told me I was the r.o.c.
why you think I’m a’ slow down, so I can rot?
the wu men/the women been raising me, allah/all of this time
since before I cliqued with the eous, I’m not at all hard to find
how islam measured up, and the mathematics
synced in how I was born 2.15 on that shit...

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