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Default Re: The Official Poetry Thread ( Please Sticky )

I live passed the status of a surgen
pushin black suburbans, no friends
I don't need no
skeemin all my poetry through the borders and my people
smoke mad dope
so I cut throats with my mental
connections in my mind get preciser than the trebble
They shook
couldn't spice they life with Trice and ice and
I can't believe son
youv been barkin' at my tree son
this my man is trahison
the whole thing got you mixed up, made you wanna steel my tricks up
Now the hard part's over we can see that you are scared of us
Don't start frontin or you gon see that we the murderous
Disciples recognize me from the wisdom of the sages
cuz I don't give a fuck I get my knowledge from the pages
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