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Originally Posted by whers View Post
-Yes Pun died, so what ? thats was ages ago.
-So your on a Wu-Tang site, and they are still releasing material.
-And ?
-Oh wait, your the Reasonable Doubt rapist, I understand.
-I could give a fuck what Nas said, Killah Priest >>>>> Nas

sounds like you responded cause you wanna instigate shit for no reason.

smh @ if you think hiphop is alive.

and the ones who disagree with hiphop = dead are the ones who tell you to check for the underground material. all that underground shit is wack - none of that shit impresses me.

Im a nostalgic cat but Im only 20 - Im only old enough to dig up the past cause I wasnt old enough to live it. just like trance music died, hiphop has died too. the 90's will always be revered and missed.
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