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Default Re: U-Gods new "Bump" Video Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by TeknicelStylez
Nigguh stfu you probably aint even official, just some hyped up leathafase fan. Jump off his dick.

Nigguh I'm from Newark, THATS A REAL HOOD, do your research papo fuckin crime rates is higher than NYC less population. Out here we got 12 year olds buckin shots at niggaz for wearin the wrong colors. I been to staten island, whens the last time you been to my hood. You couldn't come here with that bullshit. Take a walk through kings court, see if thats hood enough for you. Grape St have fun rockin all that red you and your bro rock over there, them crips will eat you up. Avon you can fuck with them blood niggaz. Newark nigga.
i grew up in newark and irvington..

shot out to avon ave
18th ave
lyons ave


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