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Default ...about Sug'&Puffs...

...the virgin mary gave me the city, I see that they desperate now
about the dollar signs, they thinking caps desolate now
...quaker oats sold sugar puffs in 2006...
I threw some off...but Sug’&Puff’s treaty ain’t worth shit
why I’m in philly’s city hall now, about to take the nation
crew [1000] benched me? now I’m a juror, up on some civil case shit
I can talk freely about it, because my um, she gave me
everything I could ever ask for in a lady
I noticed that, shit ain’t even happen yet, no holding back
when the purple [power] flow thru me, reds&blues folding back
s.u.t.r. culture, I got knowledge of self to shoot the vultures
and make it some kind of american way to sue they culture
taken from me? so don’t take it from me, I advise y’all
I kills cereal, sug’&puff’s boxed-in some cardboard...
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