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I know what we listen to here, man, I'm from Slovenia and I'm a big Wu, 1BeLo and Def Jux fan.

My man Begongo is from Rawmania and he's into dope old school rap [he taught me a few things]..

Reiko is from Poland and has a thread hiphop stuff, and I know his steez, ...

Even Ghostlaced, who listens to Weezy, knows some dope ass motherfuckers, like Cannibal Ox, which is a big contrast, but so what, he knows dope hiphop.

Shizzah is REALLY REALLY talented, REALLY REALLY young and has a lot of hiphop knowledge...and he's from fucking Serbia.

Whers is from England, and he's pretty much anti-mainstream [for the most time]. I don't need to prove that, everybody knows his steez.
plus theres this cat called professor rino, hes from Deutschland, and he has seriously NEVER seen a lol wayne or a solja boy song on TV, he only noticed their existence when he came to this website....clowns can't make money in europe
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