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Default Re: Athiest...where did everything come from?

Excellent rationalization skills Explizit. You make some very interesting points. I also don't believe it is possible to state that the universe spontaneously generated itself. Also lets take into consideration the laws of physics...can we really have universal laws without a lawgiver? Who dictated that light should travel at 133,000 m/s ? BY itself?
Perhaps the most crucial misconception of God is cataloging Him as a personal deity.
As PHI said above, God is the energy that moves everything. The other major problem that leads to all other theological problems is in labeling God as God.... i mean what is God? it is just a word that trys to capture a vast and infinite concept in a single word. Just as there is no such thing as West or South for example, they are just words that point to a direction but there is no defined and exact "south" or "west". God is a word that limits the concept by putting it in words. This leads to the problem of the triple statement paradox "God is Good" "God is All Powerful" and "Evil Exists"...many would suggest you can pick 2 of the three but all 3 cannot happen at the same time....
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