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Default Re: Hidden meaning in Rae's lyrics?

i donīt see a reason man. i told the plot often. and as i said. thereīs demons always waiting for such shit..cause they wanna take a bite or even better, they wanna take it all! if thereīs anything to be said- itīs a one on one with me and chef. i showed off enough. god donīt want me to tell about the great things he has in common for the world. cause rae gotta show that love for a brova. i aprooved my love for a thousand times over the last two years here on the corps and elsewhere too. iīm done about telling bout new kind of buildings the rappers gon build up for the kids and youths in every bigger city in the industrie countries. no more conversations about a vegetable fast food restaurant chain which will stump in mcdonals and burger king in within a few years... thereīs so much business to be done. a globalwide music organisation of good hearted men, who invest succesfully in all kinds of industries and businesses. earning more money in one year than billgates and sony together in one lifetime? never heard of that tho ;-) . canīt tell you about that! knahmean. rae gotta get it for self. demons must stay out of a room when the general plans will be explained again. nothing gainst you froth but.. respect the god. he knows better whatīs better not be said at this time cause he knows the future.
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