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Default Re: Athiest...where did everything come from?

Word Identity. Don't take it the wrong way if you aren't Christian but your view of God is exactly what master Christian theologians have described in the experience of knowing God. You're saying "i can't prove it" reminds of Aquinas and Augustine's grappling with this exact problem by stating that God and the religious experience in general is deeply personal and no one can take you there except yourself. Faith as the ultimate justifier for the means. I don't exactly agree with that but hey....who am i to judge
And as for the evolution thing soul controller....well true, you and i may know that science hasn't proven much as far as evolution goes but this is just for the sake of argument...assuming evolution is true. Thats all. Assuming it is true, then we must point out that evolution says that man and ape share and ancestor. If we want to understand each other we have to understand even what we don't like....
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