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Originally Posted by .5KutSkeleton View Post
Are we truly lost as a people? I see so much injustice around me. I say little and even fewer will take the time to listen. Life was not meant to be difficult or hard/harsh. The whole reason life is so fucked up is because we make it that way! History has many examples of a utopian-like society that was destroyed due to our unbalanced choices.
Do we know who we are anymore? So many of us identify ourselves with colors or aspects of a particular culture that we forget that life is all of these and none. "I hate you because you look different" or "I hate you because you don't agree with me". How idiotic is all of this?
I am no different. I am learning to see the truth of matters, though.

Foundations must be laid before a structure is placed atop it.

This is not a question:
Knowing self instantly...Is this done by comparison(on the spot), memory(reflecting) or collection of tools (teachings)

I feel privileged to be welcomed into certain enviroments (I'm not talking being too good for my own skin)

I'm talking about how balance has entered my life...the disturbing part is seeing others not knowing themselves
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