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check it, im bout to start spittin knowledge wit precision/
protected scrolls trippin, gotta switch it up before its rippin/
caught me sllppin, never that, just been chllin for a minute/
henny sippin, never wack, just a nigga in tha kitchen/
got that fire for ya homey, im cookin wit a recipe/
cut you inside out im like a butcher wit a melody/
better be the deadly medly ma punches flow so steadily/
BX reppin streets, and we always ready wit da weaponry/
step to me, battle rappin im slappin mad basteds/
i smack wack rappers til they the last one blasted/
mah bat crack backs leavin they black asses in traffic/
maybe on the bruckner or the cross bronx yea its classic/
so dont cross bronx unless you got mad niggas packin/
cuz the black ratchets matchin hats like they plastic/
we jackin jackets off the homeless if they have it/
im mad sick wit the words that i crafted/
back to the roots cuz im pissed and im stressed
gettin dressed, champion hoody black tims and a vest/
ghetto gear nigga its BX or its less, whos next/

just battle rappin shit im pissed off get at me.
"i got drug spots from NY to Canada/
cuz Big L b fuckin wit more keys then a janita/"
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