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Default Re: 36000 kids abused

Originally Posted by rzarectah_93-??
they should place him in a cheap state prison for life so he can know what abuse truly is
wat ever happened to Capital Punishment?

BROVO!! good idea....but some1 liek that..witht hat many kids..REALLY gots somthing wrong with them in the head....some of them donto desearve to die, proly be hospitalized for life....and get teh right treatment......cause i remembering whatching Opera (lol never thought i'll say that) and she had a convicted child molester and he said yeh u molested so many boys and girls, and hes free now..but he talked about how it never goes matter how much u wanted to...its just a mental sickness...not all want to contiunue..he said he didnt, but yeh he said its still in his head now...he said it never leaves n shit...

some jsut cant help it, but with my KID, oh fuck, the authorities and family members wouldnt know where the fuck he dissapeared to
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