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I can understand the negative reviews because it is a long way away from Enter, LS, OB4CL and such. IMO tho its a great if undoubtably flawed album. I think RZA may have been 'a bit naughty' with how he used the others, there is too much singing (though some of it is great), I personally dislike Sunlight and can't play Life Changes, and Ghost is in far too short a supply. On the positive there is Meth and Uey like giants (and everyone else in good form too), a rich haunting deep sound and some real killer bangers (Windmill, Weak Spot, Campfire). I rate Starter highly - fun to hear GZA doing something so different.

I hope it's not the last. If there is a next one someone probably needs to control the RZA a bit - though probably not too much.
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