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Originally Posted by .5KutSkeleton View Post
how is bringing another into the cipher a bad thing? by the time one reaches the point where they are knowledgeable enough to bring another into the divine circle of conciousness correcting self and others should be a normal thing.

You make competition sound like a bad thing! Part of our problem in hip hop (I feel) is the lack of genuine competition. Battles are not about rapping skill, but charisma (usually...look at the BET champ! He couldn't mess with any of the Wu-alikes). The American Idol mindset has invaded our measuring system. There is no way a 50 can compete lyrically with a GZA, but some defend these examples of our culture.
The judges have been bought, gentlemen.
Let the so-called rappers of today be allowed to truly compete, with SKILL being what they are judged by and let's see how competition will bolster our culture.
Some feel "threaten" by an individuals knowledge

Some may notice the course of action/performance change
Peace To New York

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