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Default Re: Ghostface's " lyric style"

Originally Posted by Acertijo
I make it a habit to decipher Warcloud's lyrics, which are way more out there than Ghost's. I don't even find U-God to be that "bizarre". Butin Ghostface's rhyme in question...

"aiyo this rap is like ziti, facin me real tv
crash at high speed, strawberry kiwi"

If you try to make sense of the direct words, you'll go nuts. It's paraboles, or how we call it today it's metaphore that doesn't necessarily coincide its beginning to its end. But when you decipher it, it makes alot of sense...

"Hey yo, my rap is well seazoned. You face me, the realest
and you'll feel the impact of a car crash, you little sweetheart"

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create man you're always bitching at people. you need to take a chill pill. you jump on people every chance you get.
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