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Default Re: 36000 kids abused

i could off come again with that "god is a lil blue boy" stuff...but i donīt, cause yaīll canīt understand what it means to know god for real and how to channel his incoming spiritual `love` energy.. same problem with molesters! they donīt know how to give the love back - they only know the sexual way to get relief... hm... souls are trapped in this material world cause they have a sexual problem... thatīs what it is right here... fuck flowers, fuck animals, fuck children, fuck women, men, fuck anything you want. i can understand you, but i donīt give you props for doing aynthing of that. sex is a bad thang. belive me. fuckin a virgin without marriage..damn.. itīs all the same.only the bodies are different. the souls arenīt infected by doing so.. donīt get me wrong - i donīt judge anyone for what he did or do! i made a lot of sex shit too and now i know i was all wrong..but it was a part of education..some people donīt get educated.. mj for example.. he think he is the body, carring so much about the skin color and the nose and all that... damn.. noone telling him bout his soul inside and noone telling him where the love for young kids and boys came from... simply.. cause god for self is the nicest and most beatiful existing being... i would never get in sexual contact with children but i can truly understand why people feel like that. look at virgin girls... usually they so full of happieness..but getting penetrated by unclean boys and man, brings their semen and their life inside the lil ones vagina as well into their ghost. ugly and demonic men are fucking the world down..thatīs what it is and even wise and religious men like the wu niggas doing so.. can the world learn som different? wu needs to make a change and teach the world...
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