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Originally Posted by whitey View Post
Without looking up the exact lyrics, he was saying how The Slim Shady LP got unfavorable reviews at first until a little bit of time went on, then it was praised as a classic...and The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show were obviously no disappointments to follow it up with..Then he mentions Encore and how it "isn't up to par", but under this same thinking we'll all be kissing his ass for it in a few years.

Not something I necessarily agree with 100% since Encore really ISN'T up to par with those other albums and is a clear step away from what makes him great, but still interesting to see him address at least how we perceive his discographical (made up word) career. I can see him being right to a certain extent once it's all said and done, but that remains to be seen.

Here, I couldn't help but listen to the exact lyrics again:

Every CD critics gave it a 3, then 3
years later they go back and re-rate it
and call the Slim Shady LP the greatest
the Marshall Mathers was a classic
the Eminem Show was fantastic
but Encore just didn't have the caliber to match it
I guess enough time just ain't pass yet
a couple more years that shit will be Illmatic
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