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Default Re: Skateboard ,Surf,Snowboard,wakeboard...and rest

Originally Posted by AK510
rollerblading is fucking gay...

just kidding, to each his own. rollerblading is all good...

and yeah, iron 3 is a homo, skateboarding is one of the hardest things to do. you gotta eat shit on pavement, and then get up and do that shit again. iron 3 is an ignant piece of shit. any skateboarder is tougher than you jsut from falling and having the balls to get up and do that shit again...
U think I haven't skated b4? Fuck it, maybe its bcuz I'm not retarded, I don't know. It's mostly the skaters I hate, not the sport. The pros r cool but every skater at my school that grow their hair out and look like bitches and think pink is a cool color. They're always the ones that think rap is gay, too, At least around here.
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