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Originally Posted by NickyTooch View Post
shut the fuck up homo.

I kno exactly what im talking about.

You showed your lack of baseball knowledge when you said the first 7 innings were more important.

go back to tha fuckin zoo u dumb fuckin marsupial.

Do i even have to say why him as a reliever woud help more?
Have you noticed the trend of shitty bullpens across the league?
Do you realize that he would have a greater affect in more clutch situations in MORE games as a reliever?

Like i said, you are retarded.
7/9 of the game is more important than 2/9 of the game.

yeah sure, Yankees had the 7th best bullpen ERA in the MLB last year and still didn't make the playoffs, and that was with Joba in the pen for half the year.

Our bullpen still has injuries, don't start bitching about Joba should be a reliever when our bullpen isn't even fully healthy yet.

Yet again another post when you get mad and have to flame everybody.

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