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Originally Posted by NickyTooch View Post
wow, you are so far off its not even funny anymore.

THe closer and the set up man are the crucial parts to winning anything. YOu can get by with a so-so starting pitching in the 3 adn 4 spots of the rotation but you won't win shit with a crap bullpen.

Joba is helping more in the setup role than he is as the 3rd or 4th starter. FACT.

Eckersley was a starter too. So was Kerry Wood, John Smoltz...

Your a fucking IDIOT. Seriously, you have absolutely no fucking clue about baseball.

You shouldnt be allowed to watch it.
Because those teams NEEDED a Set-up or Closer, Yankees don't NEED Joba in that spot because they already have their future SU/CL in Bruney and Mark Melancon ( and Mo still has a 2-3 years left in him)

Pettitte is probably gone next year and Hughes is unproven.

We need Joba as a starter in the long run rather than a reliever.

Have you even read anything I've said or as soon as I mention Joba being a starter you flip a shit?
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