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Originally Posted by NickyTooch View Post
Those 2 you mentioned are UNPROVEN. Chamberlain have PROVEN to be more effective as a setup man than a starter.

He should take over.

The Yankees can sign whatever starter they want next free agent period, so its not like thats a big deal.

Their problem is they sign the worst most overhyped players.

CC getting all that money....what a mistake. Enjoy him in the playoffs like ARod.

Either way, Joba should be in the bullpen.

You'll see dumbass.
Bruney had a 1.83 ERA last year lol...

It's not even worth arguing anymore, baseball clearly isn't your sport.

You dodge every post I make and just reply with "FUCKING SEWER DWELLER", you make horrible points.

Worst discussion I've ever had.
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