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Originally Posted by NickyTooch View Post
My point is that without Mariano Rivera they don't win a single world series. Thats how much more important the bullpen is over anything else.

Im not saying starting pitching isn't important, but you can get be with average starters if you have 2 good ones.

You cannot get by with an average bullpen.

Didnt they still have Stanton, Jeff Nelson and Mo???

Its all about the bullpen.

Y do you think the Mets are playing so well right now.

Y do you think the Indians suck right now and last year? Cuz their bullpen fell apart.

You can get great pitching from your starters every time out, but if you pen can't hold the lead its pointless.

Im right...give it up
I'm not trying to say the bullpen isn't an important facet of the game but having already have our guys for the SU/CL role and we have had major holes to fill from the starting rotation last year.

Originally Posted by Jim Rome
Zack Greinke is better than Greg Maddux
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