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Default Re: Skateboard ,Surf,Snowboard,wakeboard...and rest

Originally Posted by Investigative Reports
U think I haven't skated b4? Fuck it, maybe its bcuz I'm not retarded, I don't know. It's mostly the skaters I hate, not the sport. The pros r cool but every skater at my school that grow their hair out and look like bitches and think pink is a cool color. They're always the ones that think rap is gay, too, At least around here.
yeah, and if they don't got skill, we call them poser's, lol, just playing, but nah, I skate just cause, I love it, fav skater........ hrmmmm, daewon song is sick, yeah Tom penny is crazy, watch flip's " Sorry ", that video just make's me amped, like lil john amped, yeeeeeeeeeah.

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