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Default Re: Skateboard ,Surf,Snowboard,wakeboard...and rest

Unfortunately I don't have any of those. I heard of both those skaters. I remember Guy on Girl - Mouse, his part was sick, switch front side shuve it to nose grind at the end.
Here is that Tom Penny vs. Salabanzi Game of Skate. Doesn't really look like a game of skate but the tricks are sick.

If you can think of any videos with them in I'll download them. I have right now
Rodney Mullen(Round 1,2,Opinion Preview Almost Round 3 Vcd
Blind - What If
Chocolate Skateboarding - The Hot Chocolate Tour
411. issue 65
Skate Video - Zero Skateboards - Dying To Live
Toy Machine Good And Evil Dvdrip Brokensk8Ter Vcd
Darkstar Battalion Skatevideos Vcd
Almost - Round 3
Flip - Really Sorry
Rodney Mullen Vs Daewon Song - Round 2
Rodney Mullen Vs Daewon Song - Round 1
Mtv Cribs - Eric Koston (Pro Street-Skater)
Ladd Vs Sarmiento És Game Of Skate 2004
Koston Vs Haslam Es Game Of Skate 2004
Almost Round3 Rodney Mullen Part Only Skate
Paul Rodriguez Versus Eric Koston In Skate
Paul Rodriguez Vs Arto Saari In Skate
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