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Death of Spike Spiegel
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Default Re: Official Freestyle Thread

truth ordained, i spit flames automatic aim, fuck the set you claim
i light fire to u bird ass niggas who grow wings and think you know the gist of things
i'm a cannibal, killin niggas like bounty hunters and eaten em like chicken wings
so many try to find glory surfin on net data, u thinkin useless dreams
all i do is kick it and spit non-writtens, leave you geek niggas ready to grab the smithen
no kissin, ass for these ho ass niggas still stuck in 6th grade chemestry class
i burn verbs and build hypothesis for niggas too high for common grass
understand i already claim my gold medal, expectations is low so bitches aim for brass
so many dead and unfed because of the feds, the dumb virus they spread
but i'm not here to keep the peace or pray for the deceased
i'm tryin to kill this bullshit that's spawnin, this fuckin net beef
some niggas think they form and alliance from data increase
but all they doing is fillin up the net with bullshit that could easily be depleted
take this fuckin vandeta and lost love between niggas who used to be cool and shit
now they just blow smoke over useless ashes, never to be lit
some cats think they got something to prove, being daring like they broke "net rules"
what the fuck, stop talkin to a nigga so u gonna join in when he know you ain't cool
fuck this shit, blaim it to ego and let this shit fry and die like crisko
put this beef on the window and let it cool, out 5 on a sack and smoke some fuckin indo

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