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Originally Posted by Mr. X View Post
Lebron can hit from anywhere and when he drives 9/10 times he's getting the foul called and 7/10 times the ball is going in for a 3 point play. The only thing have to do is make sure no one else steps up for the Cavs to score. Lebron can't do it by himself, although his team is forcing him to prove that he can.
As long as you don't foul Lebron when he drives in you can shut him down. It isn't that hard either...Just get a big body to stand outside the restricted area with his hands straight up.. That's what the Rockets, Spurs, and Lakers do to him and it works. Artest and Battier are Geniuses when it comes to stopping him...and the Laker Zone-Trap defense is created to stop 3's that love to drive.

Shut down Lebron and the team can't do shit.
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