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I've had 2 'experiences' so far...atleast I think so. Meant to post this a long time ago but i guess i didn't.

the first was, what i believe, a trip to another dimension inside our earth. This was 10 years ago in Egypt, the same day after I visited the pyramids and was sleeping in my hotel. I Was also reading Books about channelling and Atlantis at the time.
I was in a cave, filled with torchlight i think (there was definitely fire), surrounded by creatures smiling and dancing happily. At first I was like "Nice! A party dream!" then I started focusing on the little creatures and they seemed to turn into little monsters or devils. They then started focusing on me as well and i got so scared i left and woke up. Sometimes i have horror type dreams but they are more like action movies, where i get to do cool shit and be a hero and stuff lol. This was so different that it always stuck with me. Still have no idea what it was about. Anybody?

The second was also in bed a few years ago about 10 am. All of a sudden some (male?) entity showed me what i think was the coming of planet X to earth.
All of a sudden i was outside in the wilderness, the sky raging as if a hurricane was about to be unleashed. the horizon was curved, view all weird and zoomed. "Look. It's coming.." the entity behind me said. When i looked up I saw a huge diagonal cross appear in the sky stretching as far as the eye can see. Only a shadow at first but then it seemed to look like a huge mechanical thing changing shape, coming closer. The storms became worse and then I left as soon as i came. when I woke up I was like "damn!" Wondering if the cross meant that perhaps in some way there was some christian type 'god' after all. Asked my mom, she didn't know. She emailed a friend who told her it was planet x aka niburu. At the time it meant nothing to me but browsing these forums for years, and doing some research it all makes sense and falls into place. I even drew a picture because it was such an extraordinary experience.

It's funny recalling and typing all this. Never really told anyone. I don't care if you don't believe me. Anybody have similar experiences?
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