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I remember, one dream, after I had a mental break down, so I don't really know. But.

I dreamt of Aaliyah, in like hell or another dimension or something. It was in like a building where the outside stairs on the side of buildings were inside. It was dark but I could see shadow figures. Then there she were. Talking then started crying. Then a white light came through outta no where. Then I woke up, keeping my eye's closed.

I did say I could talk to Biggy, Big L, 2Pac, and Big Pun though. Not Aaliyah though. All when I had my break down too.

When I had this dream, I felt like I was getting better without the meds.

Makes me think if I could be better then I am now without my medication. Too worry'd what will happen if I stop though now.

Any one have a dream like this, drug induced or not?
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