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Originally Posted by x-unknown View Post
Did you have stuff happen to you like:
- Visions while awake or asleep that came true exactly as envisioned
- Hallucinations of devils or hell
- Dreams of a dead friend or familiar person talking to you.
- sleep paralysis
- voices that came from above you that whispered to you to do
something, but you did not listen
- using creative visualization to help cure an illness you were suffering and it worked
- dreaming of people you know and finding out a secret about their behavior before you found out in real life

I don't beleive in psychics, but all the above happened to me throughout my life. What about you?

Did some of these things happen to you or someone you know?
wow X om got that natural mystic....actually all those things you mentioned are natural for humans......but once humans become educated fools they loose that shit....PEACE
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