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Default Re: Hidden meaning in Rae's lyrics?

an example? man... i really doubt that one of ya is really listening to raeīs lyrics... listen to the drop he did on the main page of listen man..listen.. then come back and state your oppinion again.. maybe iīm really the only one who really listen to his/their words.. maybe thatīs why iīm the chosen one to get at em for good. no other "fan" comin on a board asking for rae for years cause of supreme plans for a global takeover.. therés only one ma friend. listn to the vatican again and again and again and again ... for about twenty or fifty times then come back to this board and "check the fuckin signature bitch!" ainīt nobody doing that like that. thatīs my own style influenced by chefīīs lyircs. iīm at a point where itīs time time. knamean. i am gods sented first representive. no one else comin and talking bout krishna, allah, christus... all them names in a personal aspect. me doing that. no one else but me.-- yo.. i donīt feel any proud of this - i just gotta repeat that shit cause people not only not listen they not reading right either! peace
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