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Default Re: Hidden meaning in Rae's lyrics?

wanna see my credit card too? nada problemo ... and yo.. donīt think iīm a faker just because the shitz looks fake.. i wouldnītalk about god and such stuff all the time then.
look... i got a wutangcorp gucci bag too..

haha you donīt get my joke? cause it is no joke! i say it again. i am the heavenly connection rae is waiting for. rae seeing god, rae callin god "pa" "son" and "captain" and yo.. cause iīm much closer to god than most of yours on here - rae se me through when he thinking on god. itīs really simple.. i could off gave yaīll a hundred signs in raeīs lyrics where he describe me.. but yo. i did that before. no need to proof anything at all. listen to rae and forget jealousy. thatīs when you see the absoluteness of godīs creation. he planned shit.
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