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Default Re: punk / metal/ death metal/ skaw or some shit/ grunge discussions

Hi Goddess! You hate that music?? Why? (not that I expect you to go in depth with it)

I dont do Metallica, Pantera, Slayer and bands like that...I respect them big time...but a little to "butt rockey" for me...and I cant stand how Metallica always has the same bass player is always trying to get me to play that shit...but for some reason I just can't do it.

Sublime, nofx, fugazi, bad brains, nirvana, mad season, primus, supersuckers, bad religion, clash, black flag, molding, butthole name a few...

Oh and misfits...thats band opened for them when they were up here in Alaska this was cool and sad and funny all at the same its silly that they try to keep going with out Danzig...but...everyone's gotta make a living...still cool though that those 50 year old fuckers are still rocking...Robo kicked as on I was very happy to see that he doesnt do much with his left foot and he gets quick, sweet kicks on his bass drum with out using a double bass pedal...pretty impressive! They were very nice guys...

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