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Default Re: A Slap In The Face!

thatīs the same stuff krishna says... the skin as a part of the material body can feel pain, but pain canīt be seen, cause itīs a feeling which is spiritual. same with god. he has a spiritual nature and thatīs why we canīt see him.. in dreams we can see him, but we donīt know who he is and thatīs why we donīt recognise him in our dreams... also truth is that god can give major pain to anyone the devil too.. but in the vedic sanskrit itīs written that the so called "devil" (shiva) is doing his job for god and wonīt get thrown into hell or something like that, cause he is driven by gods hands. but the devil canīt ever come to gods supreme heaven thatīs true,,, and if one donīt gets up there.. everything below is hell... nahmsayin---
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