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Default Re: RZA - Birth Of A Prince

Average album ... which is the worst thing that could happen to a RZA album ... I would have even prefered an horrible album cause then you can say the guy try to experiment something and that maybe it will grow on you ... disappointing .

Some tracks are good though :
The trumpets in fast cars are like those in 7th chamber pt2, I like this track (4/5)

Grits was a good surprise but is pretty boring after more than 20 listenings (3/5)

Bob n1 : Pretty average track, RZA's flow on it isn't very good (2,5/5)

We pop: I was upset the first time I heard it : shit !!! its not a nightmare ? it's really Rza ??? but now I changed my position and find that track entertaining (but shouldn't had been on a Rza album) (3/5)

Chi Kung : My favorite track in the album ... aaah finally some experimental asian shit !!! that's RZA !!!! (5/5)

You'll never know: Another average track (2,5/5)

Dring, Smoke ans F*ck : No comment (1/5)

The wistle: yea not that bad I hate the chorus (2,5/5)

The Drop verse: Good RZA verse (+ good beat) but I don't like the chorus too (3/5)

Wherever I go: I like this track, kind of alleviating shit (4/5)

Koto Chotan: I really don't understand the success of this track ! I hate the beat and the flow (1,5/5)

A day ..... : Same here, ok the lyrics are 5/5 but I don't feel the production ... too sweet ... wake up ! it's a wu-album !!! (3,5/5)

Cherry range: a little better than average so 3/5

The Birth: I love the intro of this track ... shit ! after that you can expect some classic material and you only get something decent (3,5/5)

See The joy: First time I listened to that track I was "Ohhh shit !!!" that's dope !!!! after 10 listenings I was turning off the CD player before the track was starting . (5/5 the first time 2/5 after)
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