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Some stuff that Cno Evil found:

That's him on "Wildflower" saying "No smokin' alarms, no smokin' alarms..." etc

He's been referenced in a lot of songs:

Ghostface on Nutmeg: "Scotty Wotty copper tipped me, big microphone hippie"

RZA on Gravediggaz' Blood Brothers: "When Jackpot Wot' was hot, I was not"

King Just on KJ Rhyme: ""Ya'll was scared of me, the reincarnation of Jackpot, stop fronting cuz you got your hip hop from Scott Wott""

Raekwon on Raw Hide: "RZA pump the shit just like a shotty
Watch me run it John Gotti, collidin on the track, like Gen' and Wotty"

U-God on Killa Beez: "Run through the crowd with a heat hold, slap shots, Jackpot's in peno'"

Ghostface on In the Parks; "Scotty snatched Janet's wig off, that night, shit got hectic"

this could be on as well, Killah Priest on Snakes: "Back me in the lobby, pull out the shotty, then came Scotty, fragile body, my first impression, he returned from a party, he was just stagger, smellin like Bacardi"
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