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Default Re: Calling Out Masta Genius!!!

fuck it i'll drop first

I pillage any mc like like the Spaniards did so to me its like Christmas/
Rapin women killen mc's like Indians takin there isthmus/
You spread lies about me, fuck u forgot i was a lyrical dioces/
Spread scrutiny, just like Las Casas in Columbus' diaries/
I'll infect your body pinch ur saidic nerve/
Fake mutha fucka stealin good ppls shit like Richard Ashcroft and the Verve/
You fuckin Leon Sphinx, a fake champ and I'm Muhhamed Ali/
and like him u think i'm a fake vet so u think u can fight me/
but end up bitin me in a fuckin three vote decision/
if rhyme dexterity were angles u would be a circle I'd be a prism/


the Gnius is back
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