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Default Re: ((((((((((Tears Of Pain))))))))))))

Originally Posted by Siris
Yo, I was just checkin out ur Myspace page.. Im feelin ur style Sun, thats some real good work. Im working on an album right now thats gona blow shit up, im featuring some of wu-corp, and soulseeks finest MC's and id like u to produce a few beats for the album.

Ceaser will be in P.E.A.C.E,

Pharaoh Siris
aight aight!...the way i usualy work is (depending on how many beats you want...and if i can pull it off)...lets say you want one beat....i'lll make 5 for you and you'll pick which one you long as i get credited for the beat and i'm feeling what your doing to it i'm let me know what you wanna do...if you have a specific concept that you need a beat for i'll find the perfect sample to fit your concept....but be asured that i have a HUGE taste for spanish samples....


check the beats out. : more recent stuff : old stuff
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