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Default Re: Hidden Symbolism

5% is just a title. any mind can live righteously. christianity, along with MANY other religions all lead you up to one principal, whether you see it or not (most religious leaders don't even see it - they're just in it for the power ultimitely), and that principal is LOVE.
That's exactly what I've been thinking about a lot of times. Cause, you know, people who are saying that their religion is right and the others are not - they are not true followers of the main thing about it. You see - during all human history this misunderstanding and misinterpretation has led to a huge amount of troubles. People were dying centuries ago because of the crusader shit - now people are dying because of muslims who were turned unconsciously on the wrong side. And of course they are being led by some other devils who use people's ignorance in order to achieve some private aims.

Love is the thing. It's about your love to God and about your love to other human beings, which is actually also a love to God.

"My children, all six billion humans
on the planet Earth
Regardless of who or what, I love you
Word is bond, I love you"

^^ That is something we all should work for.

Here I go, Here I go, whether friend whether foe
Let them know that I flow over the rainbow
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