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Here is an example of one of the letters in his book:

Faqir*, nothing is more beneficial to you than true sincerity with your Lord in what he has commanded you to do and in what He has forbidden you. By Allah, if you were like that with Him, you would see wonders since Allah Almighty says, "If they had been true to Allah, it would have been better for them." By Allah, if we were true with Him, our enemy would be true with us. By Allah, if we were to restrain our abuse of the servants of Allah, our Lord would defend us against every harm and abuse. Then we would only only experience good from everything, and we would not see any evil in anything. The one who used to harm us would not harm us, and the one who used to cut us off would not cut us off. We will only have this after the death, obliteration, disappearance, departure and extinction of our nafs**, and after our annihilation to our annihilation.

- Shaykh ad-Darqawi (1760-1823)


* a Faqir is a Sufi, it comes from the word Faqr with means poverty. The idea is that the faqir is poor and has nothing, and Allah is Rich and is the faqir's only true need.

** the Nafs is the self.

I seek refuge with the Lord of Daybreak

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