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ChristO crouching tiger
Default back at galilee

...since 2.15 I been born back at Galilee,
high scientist who fought catholic magistrates
Reaching Christ Again was the WU, back in ‘93
bust the black chamber open, TRUTH now where power be
how the in-formation drops in my hands? pores breathe
angels & demons? saw that, they never saw me
t.hanks, but there’s no confusin’ the shit that I’m on
E.D.O.M. risen up? naw, manson [esau] ain’t the Sun [isa]
suspect John The Baptist, redrum’d shit up?
6.69 I’m baptized in blood, said enough?
galilee’s 2.15, and I returned to it
gods followed my trail, set up power hill thru me...
...phileo, I said S.P. [simon peter] is you even my friend
that pussy screamed “phuck philly!” so, it’s on ‘til the end
I want manhattan now, it’s all thru the pen
how I write the shit out, upchurch [adam/adolf] still in the pen
the panty lines was the borderlines, groupies is dead
best to give up the connects...who want proof I [God The Father Allah] ain’t dead?

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