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Originally Posted by SUNNY WINTERS View Post
how people view you isn't important ?

people want love and attention but are mostly too proud to admit it

people want to be accepted by their peers

it shouldn't make you or break you

but for some it does make them or break them - especially when they are at a delicate age -

people who are on a true path to knowing ones self, they also study how others view them - they listen to what people say about them - this also helps the student to become more considerate in their dealings with others - being concerned about others and not just yourself is the strong students way - treating them with respect and concern no matter how they may chose to see you is the soldiers way - but being nice doesn't always work and sometimes spanking have to be issued - thats life - and sometimes death
No, it's not important. Not when it comes to everyone. There are certain people who do matter in the aspect, but people usually want to be seen in the eyes of all mankind in general, not the people that truly matter. They're usually overlooked unless it's life or death on the line.

The peers are what's important. Are the peers worth your striving? Or are they a hindrance to who and what you truly are?

It shouldn't make or break us, it should help or not help us. Too much emphasis is put on it, true indeed. I feel that all of us are at a delicate age, because I do believe that people are able to live into the hundreds. So, we're all babies really.

The last paragraph is a definite co-sign. About what you said about seeing how others view you and being considerate is true, all too often though, people try to shape you how they would like you to be, as opposed to how you should be. Strength should be checked from time to time, but and soldier knows that returning fire is also just as essential.

Timing I believe is also key in the Grand Scheme.
"Die before you die."-Prophet Muhammad (Pbuh)
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