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Originally Posted by Huggahu Akbar View Post
christ, imagine what skampoe's living room must smell like: the foul, persistent odor emanating from rotting leftovers; the dank smell of turtle shit wafting in from the tank next to the TV; a dusty layer of skampoe and his wife's hair and skin cells that covers every surface; the ashtrays with years of ash caked onto them; dried up semen from yellowed, crusty cum socks stuffed and forgotten underneath the furniture; the residual aroma of cheap scented candles from wal-mart mixed with common bathroom spray and fake cologne.

you should bottle it and sell it as a repellant. you can call it "Eau De Skampoe's Teeth"
(2) represents your words

(8) represents skampoe's living room.

Maybe Bridgeport is living in a wheel within a wheel?

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