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Default Re: RZA - Birth Of A Prince

Birth of A Prince is different from the previous Bobby Digital efforts. For one, RZA doesn't do almost all of the production. Two, there aren't wu guest appearances as plentiful as with the first one. And three, the "RZA" actually becomes himself with the last 4 or 5 songs.

Bob N' I-4/5-So first listen your expecting a different type of sound. A more eerie sound. But here comes Bobby Digital with a Digital-esque beat. It's obviously a freestyle. But I really like this song, it's real catchy.

The Grunge-4/5-I love the beat it's classic RZA. I also love Digi on this song, but "sizzay" type wordplay aint that fly. It's a banging track for how short it is.

We Pop-1/5-Obviously this is an attempt at the mainstream. This song is really bad. For a mainstream song, even this is bad. The guest verses are absolutely horrible and Digital doesn't make me happy on this song. And a really bad chorus. Note to any rapper, dont say money or jersey at the end of a line for 5 lines in a row. I like the hidden freestyle at the end though.

Grits-4/5-Phew now that song is done. I like the beat. It's a simple little guitar but it's effective. This sounds more like a RZA song. He drops a nice verse about growing up and once again Masta Killa proves he's the best clan member of the last 3 or 4 years.

Fast Cars-5/5-What a beat by Trumaster. A banging beat with once again the Digital persona dropping a verse. He drops a good verse. Ghost comes in and drops about a C- verse. He's capable of a lot more.

Chi Kung-5/5-One of the best songs on the album. This sounds like RZA to me although it's supposed to be Digital. Well, "Digital," drops dope verses but I love the beat. I was surprised to see it wasn't RZA produced, as it sounds a lot like one RZA would do. "you go against the grain you will hang from your tongue."

You'll Never Know-4/5-A good beat. Bobby Digital brings the heat on this song as well, dropping the best verses. Don't really like the guest appearance of which I can't remember at this point.

Drink, Smoke, Fuck-3/5-This is another mainstream type song, except done well. It's a catchy song and the beat is so so. It's a song about drinking, smoking, and fucking so it's not gonna be great but it's an alright song.

The Whistle-5/5-Dope beat by RZA. Drops a so so verse for Bobby Digital. The best verse is easily Masta Killa, who has dropped 2 great verses on this album thus far.

The Drop Off-2/5-I don't really feel the beat too much plus the chorus is a pain in the ass. I like Digi's verse and the woman orgasm sounda hee hee. But once again the guest verses have been relatively poor besides Masta Killa.

Wherever I go I-3/5- A good song. Good beat and good verse by Digital. But once again, very average guest verses.

Koto Chotan-4/5-Dope beat by RZA. This is the turning point of the album as he turns into the "Prince Rakeem" persona. "You fucking fake, 85 percent snake, daralake bitch whose class is dead weight." That's a dope line. He sounds mad on this song.

A Day to God Is 1,000 Years-5/5-Probably the best beat of the album and possibly Nazareths best work. Perfect guitar and flute with right amount of bass. Doesn't get much better than that. But then on the other hand RZA drops knowledge and his flow has obviously changed from previous tracks. This is a classic RZA track right here.

Cherry Range-3/5- Bah the beat is bad! Damn I thought RZA would bring heat with this song but the beat is pretty bad. RZA's verses aren't that great but ok. Skippable track.

The Birth-5/5-Another masterful beat by Nazareth. Dont call him Bobby anymore, his name is prince rakeem. RZA drops the most knowledge of the album on this track. It's a masterpiece and probably the best or 2nd best on the album.

See The Joy-4/5-I really do like the beat, it's unlike anything RZA has done and is once again, experimenting his style. Very well done on the production side but very rarely am I disappointed in RZA when he raps, but he doesn't come off that great. This is still a very good song though.


It's a good album to me but I am a bigger Digital fan than a lot of people on here it would seem. The previous 2 efforts were better to me though.
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