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Default Unreleased Wu Package

Hi guys, Im new to the forum but old to the Wu! I have been collecting lots of unreleased and extremely hard to find Wu material for years now and am planning on making a package of it to sell to 500 lucky wu fans. But i have no idea if I should go through the hasstle and if you guys would be interested. Let me know! I might consider it! Wuki!

Killah priest - day of the prophets

Killah priest - quiet weapons 4 silent warz feat. hell razah & 7th ambassador

Sunz of man - house of steel

wu-tang clan - bring da ruckus (instrumental)

wu-tang clan - shaolin finger jab (instrumental)

Shogun assasson - revolution

killarmy - dress to kill (instrumental)

killarmy - burning season (instrumental)

Gravediggaz V.2. - Save yourself (cassette quality)

Gravediggaz V.2. - Radiation (cassette quality)

Morning [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Self Savior [prod. by 4th Disciple]
We Are The Orphans [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Can’t You See [Demo] – 4th Disciple [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Change – Beretta 9 [prod. by RZA]
Fun Filled Event [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Gun Lingo – Shogun Assasson [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Who’s Wu-Tang – Superb [prod. by RZA]
We – Superb [prod. by RZA]
Blast 4 Dem – Shogun Assasson [prod. by 4th Disciple]

Revolution [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Hostile Takeover [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Knowledge Of Yourself [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Shine [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Who’s Eyez Can See [prod. by 4th Disciple]

It’s All About Us [prod. by RZA]
Get This Money [prod. by Bronze Nazareth]
Go Back [prod. by Goldfinghaz]
My Black Ninas feat. The RZA [prod. by RZA]
All Day feat. Timbo King [prod. by Goldfinghaz]
Gangsta Theme feat. Suga Bang Bang, P.Sunn [prod. by DJ. Kay Slay]
Get A Job Bitch [prod. by RZA]
True To The Streets [prod. by Allah Mathematics]
What Is It [prod. By Allah Mathematics]
All Out War feat. LA The Darkman, Prodigal Sunn, 60 Sec Assassin & Timbo King
[prod. by RZA]

Diggaz Was Dead [Original] feat. Shabazz The Disciple
False Things Must Perish [Original] feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Omen
Another Page From The Diary feat. Shabazz The Disciple
Gr-Ave-Dig-Gaz feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Omen
Revolution feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Omen
Save Yourself feat. Shabazz The Disciple
Radiation feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Omen

Birth Of A Prince [Full] – The RZA
Enter The 36 Chambers [Full] – Wu-Tang Clan
Silent Weapons 4 Quiet Wars [Full] – Killarmy

B.O.B.B.Y – The RZA
Bobby Did It – The RZA
Fuck What You Think – The RZA
Daily Routine – The RZA
Fools – The RZA feat. Killa Sin & Solomon Childs
Thirsty – The RZA feat. Beretta 9
Bong Bong – The RZA feat. Beretta 9
Sickness – The RZA

The Push – Killarmy
Sweatshops – Killarmy
Trilogy – Killarmy
Whatever You Want – Killarmy
The Rule – Killarmy
Nonchalantly – Killarmy
Lady Sings The Blues – Killarmy

Dashing [Reasons] – Wu-Tang Clan
Back In The Game – Wu-Tang Clan
Hollow Bones – Wu-Tang Clan
Jah World – Wu-Tang Clan
The W – Wu-Tang Clan
Shaolin Finger Jab – Wu-Tang Clan [Never Released Before !]

Reunited – Wu-Tang Clan
Duck Seazon – Wu-Tang Clan
Impossible – Wu-Tang Clan [Different Intro]
Heaterz – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
Deadly Melody – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
Projects International – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
For Heaven’s Sake – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
Maria – Wu-Tang Clan [Different Intro] [Vinyl Quality]
A Better Tomorrow – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
Hellz Wind Staff – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]

Master Build – Tekitha
I Love You So - Tekitha

Back To School – Masta Killa
Silverbacks – Masta Killa feat. Inspectah Deck & GZA/Genius

Strawberry – Ghostface Killah feat. Killa Sin
Flowers [RZA Remix] – Ghostface Killah

Life Is A Gamble [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1995!
Mind As A Weapon feat. Hell Razah [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Built It Up feat. Prodigal Sunn [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Crusades [Extended Version] [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Quiet Weapons 4 Silent Warz feat. Hell Razah [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Day Of The Prophets [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
B.I.B.L.E. [Original] – 1996!
It’s Over [Demo] – 1998!

Safe Box feat. LA The Darkman, Street Life, Carlton Fisk & June Lovah
Get High
Who’s Next
How You Want It feat. Icarus & Stack Trippa
Who Im Is [prod. by Rocwilder]
Bang Bang feat. RZA [prod. by RZA]
Days Of Way Back feat. Kardinal Offshall

Stomp – feat. RZA [prod. by RZA]
Skrilla – feat. RZA [prod. by RZA]

Intro [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Black Sheep [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Attack On The Slavemaster [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Daily Missions [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Close Your Eyes [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Close Your Eyes [Remix] [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Game 7 feat. Killah Priest [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Interrogation [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Heavy Burdenz [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Jail Cells Of The Ghetto [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Imagine [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Next Level [prod. by 4th Disciple]
There’s No Place… [prod. by 4th Disciple]
One Man [prod. by 4th Disciple]
As Life Goes On [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Just For You [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Soldier’s Story [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Some Say… [prod. by 4th Disciple]
The Way Love Goes [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Foreign Language [prod. by 4th Disciple]

Intro / Raw Intellect [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Poison For Profit [prod. by 4th Disciple]
When You See That Nigga [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Lord It’s Hard [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Third Eye [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Mental Warfare feat. 4th Disciple [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Duplex [prod. by 4th Disciple]
People Get Ready feat. 4th Disciple [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Chessgame [prod. by 4th Disciple]
In This Shit [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Capspille [prod. by 4th Disciple]
The Streets [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Wit Da Evils [prod. by 4th Disciple]
One Shot [prod. by 4th Disciple]

Black Castle [prod. by Y-Kim] – 1996!
Invitation Only [prod. by Allah Mathematics]
What You Think [prod. by Y-Kim] – 1996!
Once Upon A Crime… [prod. by Y-Kim] – 1996!
Hidden Chambers [Rules 101 Remix] [prod. by Y-Kim] – 1996!

Bronze & Black [unreleased] – [off World According To RZA]
Saian Supa Crew [unreleased] – [off World According To RZA]

You Must Be Crazy [ RZA]
Never Took The Time feat. RZA [ RZA]
You Ain’t Needed [ RZA]
Can’t Run From Love [ RZA]

Sun Of The Galaxy – Killah Priest & Prodigal Sunn [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1994!
[Cassette Quality]

Hold This Planet – DOA [ RZA] – 1995! [Poor Cassette Quality]

House Of Steel [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1994!
As It Was Written feat. RZA [prod. by RZA] – 1994!

Killa Beez [Original Version] – Solomon Childs, Christ Bearer, Prodigal Sunn, Timbo
King & Blue Raspberry [ RZA] [Radio Mic Quality]

This Is For My Niggaz - TMF feat. Black Knights, The RZA & Solomon Childs
[ RZA] - 2001! - [Radio Mic Quality]

City Limits - Remedy, Beretta 9, Shogun Assasson & Timbo King
[prod. by Moongod Allah] - [Demo Quality - Not Mixed Properly]

Bring Da Riots Back ! - Shogun Assasson, Shabazz The Disciple, Christ Bearer &
Cilvaringz [prod. by Paris Sud Cartel] - [Demo Quality]

Da Blessing - Beretta 9 & Shabazz The Disciple [prod. by Paris Sud Cartel]

Cold World - Blak Globe [prod. by 4th Disciple]
How Many Gangstaz – Zelakhan [prod. by 4th Disciple]
40’s & Blunts – Black Knights [prod. by RZA]
So Nasty – RZA feat. Beretta 9 [prod. by Daft Punk]

The W [Demo] – Wu-Tang Clan
Skunk Fu! - Ghostface Killah & Cilvaringz feat. Shawn Wigs [CDQ]
Homicide Housing – Streetlife feat. Shyheim & Donnie Cash
Tell Lies Vision – Loose Linx feat. Carlton Fisk, LA The Darkman, Method Man &
June Lovah

I’m Hurting [prod. by RZA]
This Life We Living… feat. Solomon Childs & Christ Bearer
Disco Music feat. Division
Ghetto feat. Miko The Pharoah
When The Rain Starts To Fall feat. Division [prod. by RZA]
Haters feat. Beretta 9 & Division

Harlem High
I Loved Him
Once Upon A Time [Original] [Without Raekwon]
Ghetto Serenade feat. RZA [prod. by RZA] – 1999!
I Love You So [prod. by RZA] – 1998!
Masta Build [prod. by RZA]
Pretty [prod. by RZA]
You Can Run [prod. by Goldfinghaz]

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