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Here's my list of what i think are absolute exclusives. Some songs might have other names now, but only some. And some songs have been given titles, but I can't confirm they are accurate. They are however all songs that never came out before. All songs are proper 128 Kbs MP3 great quality songs unless noted otherwise.

All instrumentals are real and CD quality, full instrumentals. No self made loops! Unless noted otherwise. I will try to upload some sound bites of course when I get home tonight. If a song/instrumental is out already do let me know. It's hard to keep up, I tried to filter as much as I can.

Morning [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Self Savior [prod. by 4th Disciple]
We Are The Orphans [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Can’t You See [Demo] – 4th Disciple [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Change – Beretta 9 [prod. by RZA]
Fun Filled Event [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Gun Lingo – Shogun Assasson [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Who’s Wu-Tang – Superb [prod. by RZA]
We – Superb [prod. by RZA]
Blast 4 Dem – Shogun Assasson [prod. by 4th Disciple]

Revolution [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Hostile Takeover [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Knowledge Of Yourself [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Shine [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Who’s Eyez Can See [prod. by 4th Disciple]

It’s All About Us [prod. by RZA]
Get This Money [prod. by Bronze Nazareth]
Go Back [prod. by Goldfinghaz]
My Black Ninas feat. The RZA [prod. by RZA]
All Day feat. Timbo King [prod. by Goldfinghaz]
Gangsta Theme feat. Suga Bang Bang, P.Sunn [prod. by DJ. Kay Slay]
Get A Job Bitch [prod. by RZA]
True To The Streets [prod. by Allah Mathematics]
What Is It [prod. By Allah Mathematics]
All Out War feat. LA The Darkman, Prodigal Sunn, 60 Sec Assassin & Timbo King
[prod. by RZA]

Diggaz Was Dead [Original] feat. Shabazz The Disciple
False Things Must Perish [Original] feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Omen
Another Page From The Diary feat. Shabazz The Disciple
Gr-Ave-Dig-Gaz feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Omen
Revolution feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Omen
Save Yourself feat. Shabazz The Disciple
Radiation feat. Shabazz The Disciple & Omen

Birth Of A Prince [Full] – The RZA
Enter The 36 Chambers [Full] – Wu-Tang Clan
Silent Weapons 4 Quiet Wars [Full] – Killarmy

B.O.B.B.Y – The RZA
Bobby Did It – The RZA
Fuck What You Think – The RZA
Daily Routine – The RZA
Fools – The RZA feat. Killa Sin & Solomon Childs
Thirsty – The RZA feat. Beretta 9
Bong Bong – The RZA feat. Beretta 9
Sickness – The RZA

The Push – Killarmy
Sweatshops – Killarmy
Trilogy – Killarmy
Whatever You Want – Killarmy
The Rule – Killarmy
Nonchalantly – Killarmy
Lady Sings The Blues – Killarmy

Dashing [Reasons] – Wu-Tang Clan
Back In The Game – Wu-Tang Clan
Hollow Bones – Wu-Tang Clan
Jah World – Wu-Tang Clan
The W – Wu-Tang Clan
Shaolin Finger Jab – Wu-Tang Clan [Never Released Before !]

Reunited – Wu-Tang Clan
Duck Seazon – Wu-Tang Clan
Impossible – Wu-Tang Clan [Different Intro]
Heaterz – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
Deadly Melody – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
Projects International – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
For Heaven’s Sake – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
Maria – Wu-Tang Clan [Different Intro] [Vinyl Quality]
A Better Tomorrow – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]
Hellz Wind Staff – Wu-Tang Clan [Vinyl Quality]

Master Build – Tekitha
I Love You So - Tekitha

Back To School – Masta Killa
Silverbacks – Masta Killa feat. Inspectah Deck & GZA/Genius

Strawberry – Ghostface Killah feat. Killa Sin
Flowers [RZA Remix] – Ghostface Killah

Life Is A Gamble [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1995!
Mind As A Weapon feat. Hell Razah [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Built It Up feat. Prodigal Sunn [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Crusades [Extended Version] [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Quiet Weapons 4 Silent Warz feat. Hell Razah [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
Day Of The Prophets [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1998!
B.I.B.L.E. [Original] – 1996!
It’s Over [Demo] – 1998!

Safe Box feat. LA The Darkman, Street Life, Carlton Fisk & June Lovah
Get High
Who’s Next
How You Want It feat. Icarus & Stack Trippa
Who Im Is [prod. by Rocwilder]
Bang Bang feat. RZA [prod. by RZA]
Days Of Way Back feat. Kardinal Offshall

Stomp – feat. RZA [prod. by RZA]
Skrilla – feat. RZA [prod. by RZA]

Intro [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Black Sheep [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Attack On The Slavemaster [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Daily Missions [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Close Your Eyes [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Close Your Eyes [Remix] [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Game 7 feat. Killah Priest [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Interrogation [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Heavy Burdenz [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Jail Cells Of The Ghetto [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Imagine [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Next Level [prod. by 4th Disciple]
There’s No Place… [prod. by 4th Disciple]
One Man [prod. by 4th Disciple]
As Life Goes On [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Just For You [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Soldier’s Story [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Some Say… [prod. by 4th Disciple]
The Way Love Goes [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Foreign Language [prod. by 4th Disciple]

Intro / Raw Intellect [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Poison For Profit [prod. by 4th Disciple]
When You See That Nigga [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Lord It’s Hard [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Third Eye [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Mental Warfare feat. 4th Disciple [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Duplex [prod. by 4th Disciple]
People Get Ready feat. 4th Disciple [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Chessgame [prod. by 4th Disciple]
In This Shit [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Capspille [prod. by 4th Disciple]
The Streets [prod. by 4th Disciple]
Wit Da Evils [prod. by 4th Disciple]
One Shot [prod. by 4th Disciple]

Black Castle [prod. by Y-Kim] – 1996!
Invitation Only [prod. by Allah Mathematics]
What You Think [prod. by Y-Kim] – 1996!
Once Upon A Crime… [prod. by Y-Kim] – 1996!
Hidden Chambers [Rules 101 Remix] [prod. by Y-Kim] – 1996!

Bronze & Black [unreleased] – [off World According To RZA]
Saian Supa Crew [unreleased] – [off World According To RZA]

You Must Be Crazy [ RZA]
Never Took The Time feat. RZA [ RZA]
You Ain’t Needed [ RZA]
Can’t Run From Love [ RZA]

Sun Of The Galaxy – Killah Priest & Prodigal Sunn [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1994!
[Cassette Quality]

Hold This Planet – DOA [ RZA] – 1995! [Poor Cassette Quality]

House Of Steel [prod. by 4th Disciple] – 1994!
As It Was Written feat. RZA [prod. by RZA] – 1994!

Killa Beez [Original Version] – Solomon Childs, Christ Bearer, Prodigal Sunn, Timbo
King & Blue Raspberry [ RZA] [Radio Mic Quality]

This Is For My Niggaz - TMF feat. Black Knights, The RZA & Solomon Childs
[ RZA] - 2001! - [Radio Mic Quality]

City Limits - Remedy, Beretta 9, Shogun Assasson & Timbo King
[prod. by Moongod Allah] - [Demo Quality - Not Mixed Properly]

Bring Da Riots Back ! - Shogun Assasson, Shabazz The Disciple, Christ Bearer &
Cilvaringz [prod. by Paris Sud Cartel] - [Demo Quality]

Da Blessing - Beretta 9 & Shabazz The Disciple [prod. by Paris Sud Cartel]

Cold World - Blak Globe [prod. by 4th Disciple]
How Many Gangstaz – Zelakhan [prod. by 4th Disciple]
40’s & Blunts – Black Knights [prod. by RZA]
So Nasty – RZA feat. Beretta 9 [prod. by Daft Punk]

The W [Demo] – Wu-Tang Clan
Skunk Fu! - Ghostface Killah & Cilvaringz feat. Shawn Wigs [CDQ]
Homicide Housing – Streetlife feat. Shyheim & Donnie Cash
Tell Lies Vision – Loose Linx feat. Carlton Fisk, LA The Darkman, Method Man &
June Lovah

I’m Hurting [prod. by RZA]
This Life We Living… feat. Solomon Childs & Christ Bearer
Disco Music feat. Division
Ghetto feat. Miko The Pharoah
When The Rain Starts To Fall feat. Division [prod. by RZA]
Haters feat. Beretta 9 & Division

Harlem High
I Loved Him
Once Upon A Time [Original] [Without Raekwon]
Ghetto Serenade feat. RZA [prod. by RZA] – 1999!
I Love You So [prod. by RZA] – 1998!
Masta Build [prod. by RZA]
Pretty [prod. by RZA]
You Can Run [prod. by Goldfinghaz]
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