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Originally Posted by Mista JpKoff View Post
yeah it's a great song, but.... when i bang this real loud in my car, i feel just dumb when ghost sings "ooooh marvin, biggiiie, 2paaaac, we miss you sooooo". this is so out of tune it's embarrassing ^^ if it wasnt for false singing, it would for sure be a 5/5
Nah I love his amateurish singing on this album.

Nutmeg - 5/5 Ghost gives us flow lesson on this one, rhyming words that are....unrhymable

One - 5/5 Classic beat, ghost's flow is again remarkable, especially on second verse.

Saturday Nite - 5/5 Short but effective.

Ghost Deini - 5/5 I love this beat. It needed some time for superb's verse to grow on me.

Apollo Kids - 5/5 Not much to say, classic banger.

The Grain - 3/5 This song never grew much on me. It sounds like a tribute to old school, but i never found this song fitting for the rest ot the album. But the Ghost/Rza combo on this album is phenomenal, so this song manages to pull out solid 3

Buck 50 - 4/5 I never found the beat on this song to be anything special, and being that this is rza production it didn;t fulfill my expectations. Cappa, Meth and Red came alright but nothing special. ghost simply outshines them.

Mighty Healthy - 5/5 Classic movie sample, beat is great, ghost is again in his crazy mode.

Stay True - 5/5 This beat is perfect for Ghost and his wandering type rap.

We Made It - 5/5 Very catchy song, with catchy hook. Great guest appearances.

Stroke of Death - 5/5 Now this is something different. This song is uncompromisingly different from the rest, and because moments like this, this album is classic.
I love how rza comes in.

Malcolm - 4/5 The beat seems kind of unfinished. It is not catchy like rest of the beats.
Ghost is on his level again.

Child's play - 5/5 This may be my favourite song of the album. This is out of this world.
The beat change on second verse is beautiful

Cherchez LaGhost - 3/5 this could be longer, but it suits the album perfectly. Party song with crazy vocals.

Wu Banga - 5/5 Wu Banga.

I would point out at the star of this album. Rza.

And not so much because his beatmaking, mixing involvement, but because his verses.

He was truly in top form and his verses on nutmeg, grain, stroke of death can be considered for some of the best on the album.
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