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Originally Posted by food for thought View Post
why do yall think this Book was edited out of that version of the bible?
The first reason, is that the very first chapter gives a very vivid and terrifying description of The Hour of Judgement. The only reason I would gather from this, as far as leaving it out of the main Bible, is that most preachers are more inclined to tell us of God's Mercy and leave out the fact that His Wrath is also very important to keep in mind.

It speaks in detail, also, about "The Sons of Heaven" having come down and co-habitated with the Daughters of Men. How the giants that were produced from this joining were terrorizing the earth, eating all of the crops of mankind and eventually turning on mankind and eating them. How the Earth cried out to God because of the pain and suffering of Her children. This is also disagreeable to the majority of people who are taught that Angels don't have free will.

Enoch, peace be upon him, is also taken into the heavens by The Holy Arch Angels. Shown the workings of the stars, planets and all heavenly bodies. The mansions that they move through and the, "nuts and bolts", if you will, of those mansions. Trashing pre-conceived notions that these bodies just swim along an invisible orbit. Invisible they are, only to the unenlightened ones. A description, I believe, of The Seven Sisters is given as well, because along his journey, Enoch, peace be upon him, saw 7 stars bound in a ring of fire. Upon asking one of the Angels what he was looking at, he was told, "These beings did not appear before The Lord when He called all Heavenly Bodies to His Presence, so they will be held this way until Judgement Day."

Lastly, and I believe the most significant part of why it wasn't added, it speaks of the coming of Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him.

Not that it's not in The Bible still, or The Torah, but still.

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