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Jugganaut crouching tiger

hmmm, That might work on these other cats but I'm a lady

Damn, I'm such a loser

You say you're a lady, but you had the appearance of male
Adam's Apple stickin' out and your voice was deep as hell
I couldn't even tell, it's all good, let's be friends
You're not a dude lovin' his mama, you're just a lesbian
Ok let's begin, there were no tempting feelings
I'm just not into to females that look like Wendy Williams
I just simply kill'em, especially in this thread
I'd creme if I saw you? Get them fantasies outta your head
I'd just puke instead, but whatever, I gotta end you
Went back to that trailer park, saw her shaving in the window
Not knowing what I was in for, she caught me in the hall
Handled me with ease, then came the sickest part of all
I kicked her in the balls and that was only half the battle
Grabbed a Lee press on nail, pushed it through her Adam's Apple

nw: Soldering Iron

Half dead platoon leader but woken by enemy heaters
Jugganaut on the block blast shots at all retreaters - Holocaust

In the melting pot, felt the shot heard 'round the world
We unstoppable like Jugganaut baby girl - Meth

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